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Our customers save thousands of dollars every year on their windstorm insurance premiums.

"My windstorm insurance went from $6,300 to $12,800 prior to the inspection from Florida Wind Mit. Now that I've been inspected, he now pays $4,260!"
"My daughter's windstorm insurance was $6,100 prior to the inspection from Florida Wind Mit. Now that she's been inspected, she now pays $2,200!"
John M. saved $1,500 per year after getting the inspection done from Florida Wind Mit.
John J. saved $300 per year after getting the inspection done from Florida Wind Mit.
Gary W. saved over $600 per year after getting the inspection done from Florida Wind Mit.

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Wind Mitigation Inspection

A Wind Mitigation Inspection ~ simply put, saves you money on your homeowners insurance policy if your home is in an area that requires you to carry windstorm insurance. 

Inspection Report and Keys Royalty Free Stock PhotoThe wind mitigation inspection process is fairly simple and noninvasive. A look at the roof, a quick tour of your attic, a review of any documentation on your roof or storm protection, some pictures, then we go over the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form together and you are on with your day. We can send you the report or deal directly with your insurance agent.

Florida homeowners insurance coverage is very expensive and the premiums continue to climb.  Having a wind mitigation inspection performed by a qualified inspector gives your insurance carrier details about the structure of your home and in most cases will reduce your insurance premium substantially.

The Wind Mitigation Inspection Process

During a wind mitigation inspection, we will be filling out a detailed report provided by the state (form OIR-B1-1802). The form covers key features about the structure of your home such as type of wall construction, how rafters are connected to the walls, roof covering, roof geometry, roof decking attachment, gable bracing if applicable, is a secondary water barrier present, and opening protection for you windows and doors. Each of these components are independent of each other and can qualify for discounts on their own merit. A home owner can not be penalized if one category is not to the most current building code, but can get a discount if others are. The current industry standard used is the 2001 Florida Building Code.

The entire process of the wind mitigation inspection takes about thirty minutes respectively. A good portion of the inspection requires us to go into the attic and we will be taking pictures each component so it is helpful to make sure there are not any obstacles making the attic inaccessible. We also take pictures of all sides of the home so securing any pets is very important as well.

Documentation on the roof, garage door, hurricane shutters, or hurricane impact resistant windows is very important to have available for us to copy.

Once we’ve gone over the four page wind mitigation inspection form with you in depth, we get your signature and we are out of your way. We will then scan everything into one folder at our office to be immediately emailed to you or your insurance agent.

Howard J. Steele

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